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Holiday in Prague


It was a 4 days holiday last week in Hungary so I got the time and chance to go at the first time in my life to Prague. I think the city has such an interesting atmosphere.


I arrived on Friday morning and I went to my first place which was the Tricafe. It is a very cute coffee shop with rocking-chair :) I just loved it it is so cute.

Later I attend at free tour walk around the castle area. I picked the company as I was late from the meeting point and just jumped in to the first group who accepted me. The route followed places like: St.Vitus Cathedral, The Golden Lane, Charles Bridge, Queen Anne’s, Summer Palace, The Singing Fountain, Ball game hall, Schwarzenberg’s Palace, Old Royal Palace, St.George Basilica. It was amazing and I feel this kind of tours are making me feel like I am not a stranger to that city anymore. Of course there is no trip without an outfit picture, which has been taken on the top of the hill right next to the castle. :)

After the tour I went to The City Hall for visiting the coolest elevator I have ever seen.
Then I went to Lokal for dinner. Such a popular place so if you haven’t got a reservation or you are not extremely lucky (like I was) there is no chance to get a table there. The food was very good but the rush and the people around the corner waiting to get a table there was really frustrating.

Later on I went to two other places for beer of course because the Czech beer is famous world wide. The first stop was in the Skautsky Institut ,which place is literally on the corner of Old Town Square, and the other place is by the river called Lod Pivovar.

I went to an other free tour with the same company Generation Tours the next day, this time I went for Old Town & Jewish Quarter tour which contains: Master Jan Hus´s statue, Old Town Square, Estates Theater, Karolinum, Wenceslas square, The Powder gate, House of Black Madonna, St.Jacob church, Josefov quarter, Franz Kafka, The Spanish synagogue, Old New synagogue, Jewish cemetery, Pinkas Synagogue, The Rudolfinum.

After that trip I went to the Original Pilsner restaurant just for a beer and later to the Fat Cat restaurant where I went for mulled wine, and I was clever enough to make a reservation for the night at U Magistra Kelly.

That was the best thing what I could do because that was my favorite dinner place in the end. The place is small and so cozy. The food is almost too much (not for me) but the portion is so big and the food is not expensive at all but very delicious.

I am currently learning to enjoy every second of my life so the last day I didn’t want to feel sad about going home so I also planned the hole day started with the morning free tour and this time was all about the New Town. This tour has this topics like: Foundation of New Town (1348), Charles IV, Czechoslovakia, Hussite Wars, WWII, Communist rule, Nazi subjugation, National Revival, Vaclav Havel & the Velvet Revolution, Karlovo Námesti, David Cerny, Ss. Cyril and Methodius Church, Church of Our Lady of the Snows, Wenceslas Square, Republic square, New Town Hall, Municipal House, National Theatre, Palladium mall, the famous Dancing House. It was freezing cold but I managed until the end.

Then I went to the cutest coffee shop ever. This tiny little place is just made my day. The staff are so nice and helpful and the atmosphere is unbelievable. The Artisan Cafe is too cute to not to try if you are visiting Prague.

Later I had lunch in a place where I couldn’t pay by card… but the food was again very good, and I could taste the Czech cola.

Then I head back to Skautsky Institut for the last time before I  grab my bags and go to the station.


Prague is such an interesting city, if you like art and a bit of mix from everything, well it is definitely your place! I can’t wait to go back next time at Prague Fashion Week!

Let’s be honest I don’t drink alcohol so my partner had the joy of that :) and last thing I have proof of that in Prague the beer is cheaper, than water :))


Some cute cats from the city <3