Goldberger Textile Museum

Well, well, well…
This week, I have had so many good things. One of them to visit one The Goldberger Museum in Óbuda. I was a bit ashamed of the fact I haven’t been there before, but as we all have known it is “never” too late :)

So at the university we got the chance to visit this place with a guide. After Prague I knew it is going to be awesome because the guides always tell you things which are so memorable…

…and I was right. She was awesome indeed.

There are 5 rooms to visit, the first is all about blue-dye process and the Goldberger family’s first step to the business. 

The second room has a picture which is showing us the house where is the museum today and the same building was the family’s home at Óbuda.

Cross over the room there is an other photo on the wall above us which is presenting the firm with the museum’s house and the workers home around the firm. Also we should notice the aquifer and one of the chimney are still in there place. :)

Leo Goldberger was the last owner of the firm and his daughter lives in France. In the museum there is some very lovely and interesting interviews with Friderika.

One of the absolutely amazing proof of the family’s passion about textile is still showing on the building at Vörösmarty square. That house has little cute angels on the building and they trimming their sheep. If you are in Budapest go and check it, that is such a heart melting touch of that place.

I highly recommend to visit this place to have a better knowledge of our beautiful textile past and to get the feeling what is the real passion in this family’s heart and have the the taste and the motivation for to do what you love and believing in!